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Cinderella at La Cuesta Ranch Wedding | San Luis Obispo photography | Sneaky Peaky Pic

it’s the shoes


4,000. Depending on what that number refers to, it can be a significant figure. Like, if you’re bicycling miles in a continental marathon, 4,000 is staggering. If you’re writing pages in a series of romance novels, 4,000 is a feat. Or if you’re attaching the number of crystals on your own wedding shoes- by hand- 4,000 is committed.

Who is this laboring Cinderella with the knock-out, crystal slippers? Stay tuned, we’ll show you soon!

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by applemoon

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Zachary Stowasser / Stillwater Cinematography - Wow! That's dedication!October, 2012 - 15

La Cuesta Ranch Wedding | San Luis Obispo photography - [...] really choice venue for the rustic at heart). You’ve seen her glass slipper in our previous post- crystallized shoes with a whopping 4,000 crystals that she put on with her own laboring hands (eat [...]October, 2012 - 09

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