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It started out calm enough. Kim’s superb organizational skills were in effect, the details were falling into place, Nate and his boys were having a comfortable time at their casita on the premises. Their guests- most of them hailing from Orange County- were arriving to the relaxed, quiet atmosphere of the Cambria Pines Lodge and unpacking into their rooms. Nate was cool; Kim in control. Nate and Kim’s First Look was dramatic- Nate-eyes closed- waited patiently in one of Cambria’s many lush nooks, while Kim was led behind him; they stood back to back for an anticipatory moment, then voila- when Nate saw Kim in her bridal glory, the tears were released and we left them alone for a few moments. When their wedding ceremony occurred, it was perfect- sublime weather, pretty backdrop, vows exchanged smoothly and full of heart. But it must have been sometime, maybe mid-way through their reception, that things began to get… even more fun. Like, a lot of fun. So much fun that we had to ask ourselves, “wait, we’re getting paid for this, right?” and had to deal with sore cheekbones the next day from the ear to ear grins on our faces for at least two straight hours. Kim and Nate, you and your friends know how to party. Please don’t ever stop partying. And don’t hesitate to invite us again.

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