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“She wasn’t made of fried rice, but he married her anyway.” So reads the custom-made fortune cookies at Aaron & Bethany’s wedding reception in charming Cambria. This is a couple who like to do things their way: hanging out with each other the day of the wedding before the ceremony (although Aaron did depart just before Bethany donned her wedding dress in order for a wowier processional eye-impact later on), keeping the wedding small but not skimping on the stuff that will last many lifetimes– like a good wedding photographer (such as Steve Skibbie), and playing more than one Tom Waits song during the dinner reception (yes! I would have ol’ Tom play during my entire dinner reception. but then again, my wife might split before the salad was even finished). In fact, it was music that brought these two together– he pursued her once he discovered that she too loved the blues and even Mr. Waits. So perhaps it was something off the Closing Time album that was playing in both their heads as they slowly danced in front of the camera, the only sounds coming from the nearby lapping of ocean waves…











































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