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michael, you are more than i could have hoped for in love and life.  everyday i think to myself how blessed i am to have you.  i admire and respect you in so many ways.  whenever i struggle over something, you are the first person i go to.  you are wise, kind, and thoughtful. you know how to bring me out of bad moods with laughter.  i still think you are the funniest person i know – actually, i’m smiling right now just thinking about your silliness.  you know when i need a hug just to be held.  i still melt into your arms and rest my head in the crook of your neck which was made for me.  your love for our daughter makes my heart hurt with so much love.  i can’t believe how blessed i am.  God gave me the greatest gift in you.  and now you’ve given me Avi, and we have started our family.  i look forward to the rest of our lives, and at the same time wish we had 100 more lives to live together… this one already seems too short.  the last 9 years have flown by.  you make my life everything i ever wanted, and most importantly all i ever needed.  thank you for loving me.

Maren, I am the lucky one. These 9 years have flown by and life with you still feels like a honeymoon– really. Your zest for life and desire to squeeze the most out of this world rejuvenates me all the time. I know you deeply, and at the same time I look forward to knowing you more as change inevitably happens and the both of us change and age together. I’ve known you as an acquaintance (that interesting girl in the dark room), then a friend (exploring downtown together), then a girlfriend (that memorable mango…), then a wife (!!!), a business partner (pursuing our creative passion has proven to be a balancing act of each others’ gifts), and  now as the mother of our child. You remain all of these things to me and much more than can be articulated here. This life is certainly too short and the world too small to contain all of our hopes and desires, but it is so good to have someone like you to share them with.

2000. in our home built in 1919 decorating our first Christmas tree as mr. & mrs.

2001. exploring the waterways of the San Joaquin River.

2002.  this was a special night.  our friend’s wedding in a park, and Keeta, our little dog, was also attending.  we adopted her immediately.

2003. celebrating Michael’s 30th with the king.

2004. swimming in Positano, Italy.

2005. northern california, on a 6-week road trip to canada.

2006. on one of our favorite walks, just 1 mile from our home.

2007. dressed like Frida Kahlo (Michael) and Diego Rivera (Maren).  no particular reason, other than we were eating Mexican food that night. Michael’s sangria was phenomenal.

2008. kissing in Costa Rica

2009. celebrating our 9th! anniversary.  Maren surprised Michael with a wave runner tour of the Central Coast.

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by applemoon

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Annis Barajas - How cool to get a peek into your journey together. From the day I met you I felt this very open loving energy and although I havent really had the chance to get to know you two better I can say, I love you guys. Annis:)December, 2009 - 06

Meaganita - You two are such an inspiration. I love you guys more than you'll ever know. Michael you made the best decision of your life to marry Maren, and I'm so glad you're both in my life. You are role models and I hope to be as in love one day as you two are with each other. Thank you for having such a zest for life and for making us all want to experience life with such a passion as you both do. I am peeing my pants in excitement for seeing you both and AVI LOVE DOVE at christmas!!! I love you!!!December, 2009 - 19

Peggy - Your comments made me cry! I'm so happy you two are still thrilled with each other. I think this is just the beginning of a life long relationship that will only grow exponentially with time. You are savoring life and enjoying each other -- as it should be done! BRAVO!!November, 2009 - 15

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