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Our friends threw a birthday party for their 2-year-old.   In doing so, they answered the question: how to keep a 2-year-old entertained for hours – fill a plastic swimming pool with 50 pounds of flour.  Viola!  Instant, dirty, flour-power fun!  The neighborhood kids all had a blast being flour children along with the birthday boy!  

First, pour flour all over you.


Then, run like crazy and watch the flour dust fall off of you – just like a super hero!

When your fully floured, go over to the leave-blower and get clean!

Getting clean has never been so fun!

And then get dirty again!  Happy birthday Levon!

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by applemoon

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applemoon - Hi Jenny, I think we just used a Canon rebel for that one- didn't want to mess up our more expensive cameras! We're glad to say no cameras or lenses were damaged in the making of those images!August, 2013 - 20

Jenny - Can you please tell me what camera you used for flour birthday party?? I am desperate!August, 2013 - 10

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