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Monthly Archives: May 2009

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There are some weddings that you want to make a home out of. You are supremely comfortable with the people around you, the food is memorably delicious, and the visual aesthetics are achingly inspiring (and we’re not just talking about the bride). In short, you want to build a nest out of these people, food, surroundings, and your camera equipment, and you don’t want to leave. Seriously. Even after the bride & groom have let you know that ‘you don’t have to stay’ and they may not believe that you really don’t want to just yet because their wedding is all kinds of fun. You love their wedding, you love their food (did we say that already?) and you love their country-chic sensibilities. You love them– these two cannot help being so cute together; every time you see them do something together, it’s nearly iconic. But alas, you do have to finally leave. And the next day, you wish you were back. But, hey, that’s why we have photographs! Enjoy a few. (And special love to the Dana Powers Barn venue!)













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Amanda Gentle Photography - Hi I believe in nice photography as you have.January, 2015 - 03

M&M - there's always room for a little scout's honor, you think?June, 2009 - 05

Cassie - I love how all the pics on here are all of Jesslyn and Jeff and are so very sweet...then you throw me in there with my girl scout sign and my weirdo face! I guess it keeps it interesting :)June, 2009 - 01

margot w. - okay, i'd like to get hitched to these photographs as wellJune, 2009 - 02

Malver - OMG, These pix are so beautiful. Never did I imagine. You looked gorgeous. CongratsJune, 2009 - 17

Choleesa - Oh Jess, You look absolutely AMAZING!! These are AWESOME pictures. No joke, they brought tears to my eyes. I wish I coulda been there.June, 2009 - 17

Jesslyn - You guys are flipping amazing!!!! Love love love it. Can't believe some of the shots you got and I've only seen a handful! Thank you soo soo much.June, 2009 - 17

Peggy - Hey, I wished I'd thought of dressing like this on my wedding. These shots are so awesome. Great lifetime memories. I think the bride should start a consulting business on bridal attire.June, 2009 - 15