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Monthly Archives: December 2008

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A few words come to mind when describing Katie & Ryan, a couple we met out at Ryan’s family farm for a fantabulous engagement shoot: dedicated, dedicated, and um, dedicated. These two have been together for the past 7 years, starting out as high school sweethearts. During our afternoon with them, there was a felt, unspoken understanding between them and it’s obvious that they simply “fit” well together. So, if like, they were a Tetris game, they’d have the whole screen filled with no gaps, or if they were a barn full of stacked hay, you know everything would be even-steven and snug. Okay, enough with the stretched metaphors for now; enjoy some images. 




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Eric Foley - These are beautiful!!! I love how you captured the emotion in her eyes.March, 2009 - 02

al b - most excellent photos! coupled w/ the fact that i love old farms, buildings, tractors and trucks, etc. lol especially cool was the fish eye shot of the barnJanuary, 2009 - 23

cameron - lookin' fabulous!January, 2009 - 20

Mary Marantz - these are FANTASTIC!!! amazing job you guys!!January, 2009 - 16